Michael Münter

Dr. Michael Münter may have trained as a bank clerk, but he has risen to take on significant roles with the State Chancellery of Baden-Württemberg, the German Bundestag, and the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg. Most recently, Dr Münter took on the role of Director General at the Ministry for the Environment, Climate Protection and the Energy … Continued

Elad Eisenstein

Elad Eisenstein holds more than two decades of international experience in leading, designing, and delivering complex and large-scale urban projects. Trained as an architect and urban designer, Elad is a cities expert who combines design skills and creativity with knowledge in infrastructure, planning, and sustainability. He values an integrated approach and the balancing of global … Continued

Fabian Dattner

Fabian Dattner is the founder and CEO of Dattner Group, a leadership consultancy specialising in cultural transformation, executive development and working with women. Well-known as a leadership activist, she is passionate about challenging leadership paradigms and advocates for an engaged, collaborative culture. With 36 years of experience, Fabian helps thousands of leaders recognise that leadership … Continued

Kristiaan Borret

As a Bouwmeester Maitre Architecte of the Brussels Capital Region, Kristiaan is turning post-industrial wastelands into attractive mixed-use neighbourhoods. To him, a complete city is an inclusive city, accompanied with a green, local, and fair industry section. Kristiaan believes production belongs to the city, and with it, its blue-collar activities.

Eugen Antalovsky

As former CEO of Urban Innovation Vienna and europaforum wien, Eugen Antalovsky has quite the experience in terms of sustainable urban planning and and international urban policies. His work with political scientists and project managers focused on the current metropolitan challenges within the global competition and organised the international exchange of knowledge. Eugen is passionate … Continued

Anna Huttunen

As a Project Manager and enthusiast, Anna Huttunen pushes for greener, cleaner, more efficient mobility in the medium-sized Finnish city of Lahti, the European Green Capital 2021. At the helm of the sustainable urban mobility plan, Anna is transforming Lahti’s connectivity through improved walkability and cycling, multi-modality, and low-carbon mobility options. She leads the city’s … Continued

Jeff Risom

As Chief Innovation Officer at Gehl, Jeff Risom works at the intersection of all the things we share in cities – from parks and streets to food systems – and the way we experience them. It is his mission to transform the way cities are shaped by making public life an intentional driver for design, … Continued

Dávid Vitézy

Dávid Vitézy has been fascinated by public transportation since he was a little child and never really lost his interest. It has been a long way from his first steps as spokesman of an NGO in Budapest, where he fought against car-oriented city planning, to his position as General Director of the Hungarian Museum of … Continued

Jaime Ruiz Huescar

Jaime Ruiz Huescar is passionate about urban innovation and the future of urban mobility. Luckily, his work allows him to actively contribute to making our cities more sustainable, liveable and equitable by collaborating with many different key actors and decision makers, and connecting cities to foster joint progress. His experience has taught him that many … Continued

Koen Kennis

After having worked in the private sector for several years, Koen Kennis, an Electronics Engineer, decided to engage himself in politics and actively change his hometown Antwerp for the better. As Vice mayor and responsible for mobility, Koen has initiated a number of immense transport projects in Belgium’s second largest city. The latest is ‘The … Continued