Thank you, Rotterdam!

A city where growth and sustainability go hand-in-hand.

With over 170 nationalities, the city has a diverse, unique vibe and a long history as a pioneer in urban transformations.

In Rotterdam, the local government, business industry and knowledge institutions work successfully and closely together. A great example of such collaboration is the Rotterdam Climate Agreement, signed by the city’s government and more than one hundred companies and organisations.

A sustainable future: Rotterdam – the second biggest Dutch city and the home to Europe’s largest port – is efficiently transitioning to a circular economy with smart city structure.

During the #UrbanFuture conference week, the city shared its knowledge and gained new perspectives from the international audience. This aligns perfectly with the character of Rotterdam and the essence of Urban Future.


  • Rotterdam plans to be a fully circular society and climate-neutral city by 2050.
  • The city has more than 50 new measures to reduce greenhouse gases and stimulate a CO2-free economy.
  • It prioritizes projects that reduce energy consumption in households.
  • Rotterdam promotes urban greening  to mitigate heat island effects.
  • The city actively champions circular economy practices that conserve valuable resources.

Photography municipality of Rotterdam: Peter Schmidt