Rotterdam, Netherlands
June 5-7, 2024

That was fun
Rotterdam! #UF24

Europe's most inspiring event to make cities sustainable.

Hosted in a different city each year, thousands of CityChangers from all over the world share how they create transformation and which mistakes are made, accelerating change and successfully shaping the future of our cities.

A festival for passionate change-makers


Who was there? 2,000 urban leaders, activists and influencers came together to act.  They represent, e.g. urban planning, architecture, mobility, energy, real estate, housing, tech and public administration.

What links them: a deep passion for sustainability and sharing their expertise, thus creating the unique and collaborative atmosphere of Urban Future.

What was it all about?


Our favourite EVENT PROGRAMME so far

  • get an overview of the entire URBAN FUTURE WEEK
  • timetables for the conference sessions on Day 1 and Day 2
  • a list of Field Trips to take place (mainly) on Day 3
  • introduction to the 5 content tracks
  • detailed session descriptions for all 70 sessions.

Powered by Passion and Partners


Urban Future is driven by a powerful community with a mission:
it brings together organisations, NGOs, businesses, and supporting partners in the effort to connect the world’s most passionate change-makers – with the ultimate goal of speeding up the transformation of cities. Check out who is part of it.

Young Leaders 2024

Next Generation of CityChangers


The Young Leaders Programme is a special track of Urban Future events directed at passionate, young people (30 years or younger) who want to change the future of our cities for the better. It is a combination of exclusive networking formats, inspiring activities, and skill workshops with renowned experts.

Check out the Young Leaders Cohort of 2024.

Thank you, Rotterdam!


With over 170 nationalities, Rotterdam has a diverse, unique vibe. The city has a long history as a pioneer in urban transformations.

On the third day of the conference attendees had the chance to discover what this amazing city has to offer from a sustainability perspective in 30+ Field Trips.

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Prepare to be inspired. Every two weeks we bring you stories of change from around the world, the juicy details behind them, and the ultimate how-to answers to becoming a CityChanger yourself.

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“The most inspiring event I have ever attended”

Siegfried Nagl

Former Mayor of Graz

“The power of this strong community can move the world”

Daniel Deparis

Urban Mobility @ Mercedes-Benz

“Where the Doers meet”

Cities Today

“BEST conference ever!!!”

Agnieszka Jama

City of Zabrze

“Feel the pulse of green urban transformation”


“Meeting the people who really act”

WWF Cities

Next stop:

Łódź, Poland
May 21-23, 2025