June 21-23, 2023

Stuttgart 23

Join us in 2023 to experience Stuttgart's unique transformation process – be it urban mobility, energy, housing or social interaction.

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To be sure, the City’s transformation process is already under way. Stuttgart has installed over 160 photovoltaic systems on municipal buildings, which make up roughly 15 percent of the total output installed in the city today. Alongside the City Hall’s solar panels, bees have been producing tasty urban honey since 2014. Yes – every little helps!

In June 2023, Stuttgart invites the CityChangers community to present the progress made so far, the obstacles, and the instructive detours on the path to a sustainable urban transformation. Visit Germany And join us for Stuttgart 23 to find out how they are driving change the Stuttgart way.


Busy as bees

With its Climate Protection Action Plan, the city offers comprehensive impulses and a broad portfolio of subsidies to accelerate climate protection. Stuttgart provides subsidies and grants for, among other things, the energy-efficient refurbishment of residential buildings, the installation of heat pumps and the use of geothermal energy, the upstream costs of photovoltaics, e-charging columns and electricity storage systems, or cargo bikes for families and single parents.

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In addition to the quality of life of households, the transformation of the regional economy is also an incentive for the city of Stuttgart to promote innovative projects in climate protection. After all, the Stuttgart region depends to a large extent on the quality of today’s decisions, especially because the local automotive industry is facing growing competitive pressure.

The city is promoting the development of climate innovations, for example through the Stuttgart Climate Innovation Fund with a budget of €10 million.

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