Sai Varsha Akavarapu

PhD Candidate at TU Dresden/Dresden Leibniz Graduate School (IOER) | Germany

My first action as the mayor of my city is…two-fold. Firstly, I would organise an inter-school fest for children between the ages of 06-15 on the subject of 'what would their ideal city look like!?'. With the help of urban designers and professionals, best and feasible ideas will be pitched to a wider audience and translated on to the ground. Because! a city that works for children (usually the excluded population when plans/projects are designed) will most definitely work for the adults, but vice-versa might not!. Secondly, in continuation I would urge schools to add a course on future centrism into their curriculum to educate young minds of the current realities and technological advancements in order to pave the path for the creation of informed, driven and future-ready individuals.