Young Leaders Alumni

Meet our cohort from the 2019 edition!

47 Young Leaders from all around the world were chosen to join the first edition of the Young Leaders Programme happening during UFGC19 in Oslo.


…came from 32 cities in 17 countries

…were 51% female and 49% male

…engaged in topics like water, energy, built environment & architecture,
urban food, behavioral change, raising awareness, mobility or new work

…founded a network for young urban CityChangers: The Future Urban Leaders Network

José Roberto Lagunes Trejo

Supervisor Community Development at Fundación Hogares | Mexico City | Mexico

Ellie Murtagh

Climate Resilience Coordinator at Sniffer | Edinburgh | Scotland

Ana Leite

Project Manager at InvestPorto | Porto | Portugal

David Klepej

Junior Researcher at Biotechnical Faculty at University of Ljubljana | Ljubljana | Slovenia

Kristen Zupancic

Trend & Innovation Analyst at The Class of 2020 | Amsterdam | The Netherlands

Narjis Zehra

Playground Researcher at Habib University | Karachi | Pakistan

Martha Marisa Wanat

Managing Director of BICICLI Corporate Cycling Solutions | Berlin | Germany

Rotem Carmi

Creative Urban Producer at Hareshet (The Network) | Be'er Sheva | Israel

Yasmina Youssef

Part-Timer Assistant Lecturer at Arab Academy for Science and Technology | Alexandria | Egypt

Olga Mnishko

Project Producer at Open Urban Lab (OUL) | Saint Petersburg | Russia

Martinho Augusto

Geographer at GIPP | Porto | Portugal

Brittany Quale

Associate II at EnviroIssues | Portland | United States

Marthe van Gils

Researcher / Designer at Veldacademie | Rotterdam | The Netherlands

Mathis Dippon

Project Manager at Act.Now | Vienna | Austria

Miguel González Vaz

Project Assistant at EUROCITIES | Brussels | Belgium

Ellen Ryan

Graduate Planner at Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (Victorian State Government) | Geelong | Australia

Lauren Ieiden

Urban Planner at Troy Planning + Design | Amsterdam | The Netherlands

Afua Wilcox

Architect and PhD Candidate at TU Delft & AAC | Johannesburg | South Africa

Justine Tytgat

Business Consultant at Möbius Business Redesign | Ghent | Belgium

Maral Koohestanian

Researcher at Fraunhofer IAO / Global Shapers | Stuttgart | Germany

Seble Samuel

East Africa Communications and Knowledge Management Officer at CGIAR Research Program on Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security | Addis Ababa | Ethiopia

Liza Farr

Graduate Student at MIT | Cambridge | United States

Jop Spoelstra

Innovation Program Manager at Technolution | Rotterdam | The Netherlands

Jessica Watts

Engineer at Arup | Sydney | Australia

Lauren Craik

Research Assistant at MIT | Cambridge | United States

John Moody

Graduate Research Assistant at MIT | Cambridge | United States

Bárbara Montalva

Youth Cultural Manager at Centro Cultural da Juventude | São Paulo | Brazil

Ruben Morgan

Graduate Researcher Assistant at MIT | Cambridge | United States

Ana-Maria Enache

Event Administrator at Emerson SRL | Cluj-Napoca | Romania

Yuval Carny

Big Data Analyst | Tel Aviv | Israel

Mhlengi Ngcobo

Marketing Director at Corpula Group | Durban | South Africa

Lina Oliveira

Architect at Campo Grande City Hall | Campo Grande | Brazil

Sofia Barbeiro

Business Developer at Phenix Portugal | Lisbon | Portugal

Marina Klanjčić

Junior Data Science Researcher | Zagreb/Turin | Croatia/Italy

Lydia Oehlwein

Urban Designer at Cityfoerster Architecture + Urbanism | Hannover | Germany

Ivan Tamayo Ramos

Founder of Tierradura | Culiacán | México

Jaffer Muljiani

Sustainability Consultant at BDP | London | United Kingdom

Mariana Marmelada

Architecture Master Student at the University of Lisbon | Lisbon | Portugal

Agustina Apud

Architect at Udelar | Montevideo | Uruguay

Peter Kraus

Member of Parliament at the City of Vienna | Vienna | Austria

Darryle Ulama

Graduate Researcher at MIT | Cambridge | United States

Deanna Han

Negative Emissions Consultant at Applied Negative Emissions Centre | Toronto | Canada

Trevelyan Wing

Centre Researcher at Cambridge Centre for Environment, Energy and Natural Resource Governance, University of Cambridge | Cambridge | United Kingdom

Mounir Kabbara

Manager at PricewaterhouseCoopers | Dubai | United Arab Emirates

Andrew Amos

Urban Designer at ClarkeHopkinsClarke Architects | Melbourne | Australia

Gianella Chinchilla

Policy Associate at Gladstein, Neandross, and Associates (GNA) | Los Angeles | United States

Ekaterina Solovova

Founder of Elderberry Café | Budapest | Hungary

Shweta Gandhi

Architect at Sharjah Museums Authority  | Sharjah | United Arab Emirates

Isabell Eberlein

Board Member, Changing Cities e.V. | Berlin | Germany

Jamie Wylie

Masters student in Environmental Management and Policy. Lund University | Lund | Sweden

Aroosha Zahid

Assistant Urban Designer, De Zwarte Hond | Groningen | Netherlands

Olav Soldal

Student, Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NMBU) | Ås | Norway

Daniel Borup Jakobsen

Councillor, Aalborg Municipality & Group Marketing Manager, CompanYoung Group | Aalborg | Denmark

Luisina Perassi

Architect, Humankind & El Desafío Foundation | Rosario | Argentina

Ján Slimák

Department of Strategy and Projects Officer, City of Bratislava | Bratislava | Slovakia

Håkon Aarseth

Product Manager, NAF | Oslo | Norway

Cynthia Zurita Véliz

Student/Consultant, Universidade de Lisboa | Lisbon | Portugal

Tarek El Azzouzi

European Development Coordinator, Futureproofed | Leuven | Belgium

Ludwig Pannach

Senior Consultant, MHP - A Porsche Company | Berlin | Deutschland

Fruzsina Nagy

Intern, Metabolic | Amsterdam | The Netherlands

Matteo De Vos

Ecosystems Campaigner, Greenpeace Belgium | Brussels | Belgium

Samantha Suppiah

Sustainability Specialist, White Arkitekter | Stockholm | Sweden

Jonathan Naraine

Architect & Food system designer, The Foodprint Lab | Gothenburg | Sweden

Collin Wagenmakers

Data Science Student / Videographer Wagenmakers Media | Eindhoven | The Netherlands

Natalia Makovetskaya

Director of participatory planning department, Strelka KB | Moscow | Russia

Matt Stewart

Founder of Yarra Pools & Life Sprint | Berlin | Germany

Antonella Amesberger

Architect, ATP Wien Planungs GmbH | Vienna | Austria

Vanessa Mueggler

Director of New Initiatives, GI Quo Vadis | Montreal | Canada

Martha Andrea Lund

Landscape architect, Rambøll | Oslo | Norway

Alessio Sevarin

Founder and CEO, UP-Ride OG | Graz | Austria

Jean Paul Brice Affana

Founder and Coordinator, Vital Actions for Sustainable Development (AVD) | Yaoundé | Cameroon & Bonn | Germany

Pietro Rosso

Building Engineer and Architect | Calice Ligure (SV) | Italy

Saara Ilvessalo

Chair for the Urban Environment Committee, City of Turku | Turku | Finland

Helen Hepher

Urban Designer and Planner, David Lock Associates | Milton Keynes / London | United Kingdom

Kelly Delaney

Masters Student, Lund University | Lund | Sweden

Anastasia Wraa

BREEAM coordinator (Sustainability manager), AF Gruppen | Oslo | Norway

Eva de Bruijn

City Council Member & Social Designer, GroenLinks Eindhoven | Eindhoven | The Netherlands

Stian Backe

PhD Candidate | Trondheim | Norway

Fabian Lohmar

Wissenschaftliche Hilfskraft, Zentrum für Logistik und Verkehr | Essen | Germany

Siddharth Sareen

Postdoctoral research fellow, Centre for Climate and Energy Transformation, University of Bergen | Bergen | Norway

Eva Paola Campos Cantu

Student, Uis | Stavanger | Norway

Ignacio Foyatier

Architect, Edilizia DC | Rosario | Argentina

Nour Ghadanfar

Master of City Planning Candidate, Massachusetts Institute of Technology | Cambridge | United States

Diana Marcela Diaz Castro

Consultant, Steer | London | United Kingdom

Emilie Hernes Vereide

MSc Student / Climate pilot, Klimaetaten | Oslo | Norway

Amanda Lona

Urban planner, Hvaler kommune | Skjærhalden | Norway

Alba Iglesias Clavijo

Project Officer, Fuenlabrada City Hall | Fuenlabrada |Spain

Alexander Yacine

Scrum Master, Lecos GmbH | Leipzig | Germany

Jenny Ueland

Civil Architect, Nordic - Office of Architecture | Oslo | Norway

Ole Erik Lunder

Student, Norwegian University of Life Science & Climate pilot, Oslo Municipality | Oslo | Norway

Marius Ronde

Group manager, ÅF Engineering | Lillestrøm | Norway

Lisa Gassler

Marketing Manager, Venuzle GmbH | Graz | Austria

Hauk Are Fjeld

Climate pilot, The city of Oslo, Filmproducer, Haukeblikk Film & Student, University of Oslo | Oslo | Norway

Valentin Kranz

Student Research Assistant, WZB Berlin Social Science Center | Berlin | Germany

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