Carlos Moreno

Carlos Moreno strives for a revolution and innovation in proximities. According to him, we need to be working towards a future of multifunctional and multipolar cities that offer access to essential local services within a radius of 10-15 minutes by foot or bicycle. He emphasises the need to rethink cities’ urban planning in favour of … Continued

Pärtel-Peeter Pere

For nearly a decade, Pärtel-Peeter has worked with making cities more innovative, attractive, and sustainable for talent and investors. He has worked with Nordic capitals and towns and cities in Switzerland, Netherlands, Europe, the Middle East, Canada, and Singapore. These days, Pärtel-Peeter is the main editor for the Climate Neutral Built Environment Roadmap 2040 for … Continued

Mercedita Guerrero

As the City Environment and Natural Resources Officer, Mercedita Guerrero makes sure that the environment and natural resources within the territorial jurisdiction of the city of Dipolog is properly protected and managed. Conducting environmental awareness and advocacy on topics such as climate change, solid waste management, forest protection and management, biodiversity protection and management, among … Continued

Ana Barjasic

There’s nothing Ana Barjasic doesn’t know about entrepreneurship! In addition to being a Board Member at European Innovation Council, London, she is behind numerous successful events, programmes, and international collaborations with big names including the World Bank and European Commission. Ana is an expert in everything from startups, investment readiness, risk mitigation, access to finance, … Continued

Derek Dunsire

Derek Dunsire is Group Manager of Liveable Neighbourhoods at Glasgow City Council and absolutely loves his work, as he’s most passionate about connectivity, people, and place. He makes cities more sustainable through community-led activities at a local level, involving residents, academia, businesses, city authorities, and other stakeholder organisations. Derek is focused on delivering real outcomes … Continued

Marilou Calibo

As City Councilor of Dipolog since 2016, Marilou Calibo has been working on policies that promote and enhance the capacity of individuals and families to harness their potentials and improve their well-being. She believes that this is crucial for them to become resilient and be able to take their share in making the city sustainable. … Continued

Ewa Westermark

As Partner & Director at Gehl in Copenhagen, Ewa Westermark uses her 20 years of international experience as an architect and urban designer trying to find local solutions to global wicked problems. She works in co-creative processes with all sorts of stakeholders to transform city spaces and making it easier for people to live sustainable … Continued

Jorn Wemmenhove

Jorn Wemmenhove is creative strategist and co-founder of Humankind, where he advises cities on how to accelerate the transition to an inclusive, sustainable society by imagining the city of tomorrow and already showing it today. Jorn is passionately curious about urbanism, psychoanalysis, social work, and urban happiness. His passion lies in finding creative ways to … Continued

Kimmo Viljamaa

Kimmo Viljamaa is an expert in the fields of local economic development, research policy, innovation policy and regional policy. Kimmo has worked with and for national and regional governments and their agencies, research establishments and international organisations. For over 8 years now, Kimmo has been Economic Development Director at the city of Vantaan, which aims … Continued

Veera Vihula

Veera Vihula, Development Consultant at the city of Espoo, is most passionate about co-creation, as it is about learning, creating, and solving challenges together – which is, for her, the key to a sustainable future. Luckily, her work is all about building capacities for co-creation, innovative ecosystems, and new digital services. Veera believes that making … Continued