Jonathan Rose

Jonathan Rose is the president of the Jonathan Rose Companies. He develops green mixed use, mixed income housing, to create models of communities of opportunity. As developer, they have been leaders in creating models of green building, place making, design excellence, and mixing incomes. Currently, they are developing Sendero Verde, North America’s largest passive house … Continued

Cielo María Holguín Ramírez

Cielo is a community leader of the Moravia neighbourhood in Medellín and co-founder of the Urban Oasis Foundation. She is driving change in the neighbourhood and in the city by helping to generate spaces for meetings and conversation between leaders of the neighbourhood. Cielo is focused on learning about social urbanism because its principles are … Continued

Livia Urban Swart Haaland

Livia is convinced that in cities, there is a huge potential of creating more nature. Green oases where we can gather, be in contact with nature and experience to work together with all the diversity of life that surrounds us. Therefore, she started the first rooftop farm in Denmark (ØsterGro), the greenhouse restaurant Gro Spiseri, … Continued

Jacqueline O’Donovan

As the managing director of a business operating 100 HGVs In London, Jacqueline has stood out for her work to improve road safety and raise awareness of the need for the construction and waste sectors to play an active part in making the roads safer for all users. Jacqueline’s passion is her work. She loves … Continued

Andreas Gugumuck

With his Viennese snail manufactory, Andreas Gugumuck is both a pioneer of sustainable food production and a pioneer of the project “Zukunftshof” (Future Farm), in which a new kind of urban agriculture and food production and processing is tried out with local approaches. The practical cooperation in agricultural and related social and cultural activities within … Continued

Lykke Leonardsen

Lykke is not just working to change her own city, but also helping other cities change. She was the key driver for the work on climate change adaptation, the development of the adaptation plan and the cloudburst management plan and the first steps towards a storm surge plan in Copenhagen and is currently focusing on … Continued

Helmo Pape

Being a Derivatives Trader in the financial crisis 2008, Helmo’s liberal worldview of “give much, get much” collapsed. Having his mind changed profoundly, Helmo is deeply convinced that humans cannot be bought or sold nor can their workforce (!) without their will. Change forms a new thinking from hard hitting banker to Basic Income Activist. … Continued

Ella Shone

Ella is passionate about the reduction of waste and helping to build a resourceful society. She sees waste as a design flaw in our systems that is ruining our planet, polluting our oceans and waterways, using up precious resources, and causing health issues – so she decided to do something against it. Wanting to make … Continued

Richard Newman

Richard Newman is an award-winning expert in Leadership Communication and Storytelling. He began his research in 1995, living and teaching English in a Tibetan monastery in India. He then studied professional acting in London for three years before founding Body Talk in 2000. Since the early days of working with the McLaren Formula 1 Team … Continued

Anni Sinnemäki

As the first female Deputy Mayor responsible for city planning, traffic system, and real estate, Anni Sinnemäki works to make a difference in building a cohesive and sustainable city every day. She strongly emphasizes combining land use planning and traffic planning: This includes replacing motorways with city boulevards, making Helsinki carbon neutral by 2035, investing … Continued