Heikki Mäkinen

Heikki Mäkinen describes himself a water manager. Finland is a country of nearly 200.000 lakes. Almost every town and city has been established along the shoreline of the Baltic Sea or one of those lakes providing facilities for recreation or business. By water protection actions they take care of lake ecosystem and provide local people … Continued

Lykke Leonardsen

Lykke Leonardsen is an expert in water management and climate change with C40. This draws on many years of experience within urban development, climate action, and resilience to share, informing international relations around climate and adaptation. Copenhagen is a world leader in these fields, and Lykke helps the city share this knowledge with other cities … Continued

Susana Neto

Susana’s life turns around the water issue. She has worked in research and policy for integrated water management and territorial planning for the last 25 years for universities in Portugal and Australia. Susana is sharing her knowledge in various functions, currently she is President of the Portuguese Water Resources Association, President of the Portuguese Governing … Continued

Joaquim Poças Martins

Over the past years, Joaquim Poças Martins has gathered extensive expertise in the field of water. As an engineer, professor, international water consultant and after having held several other important positions in the past, such as Secretary of State for the Environment of Portugal, Joaquim is currently leading water-in-the-city projects in Africa and a worldwide … Continued

Sergio T Coelho

Sergio T Coelho, who has a PhD in Engineering Systems, has been a researcher in water in the city for the most part of his professional life. He co-founded and leads Baseform, a company making forward-thinking software for water system management, which is used by over 40 cities and communities around the world, with over … Continued

Jaran Raymond Wood

Jaran Raymond Wood works tirelessly towards increasing city resilience by developing sustainable urban water management. He takes ideas and regulations and creates real-world solutions. Currently he focusses on the implementation of green, low-carbon solutions for cities and smart water cycle management. He is passionate about protecting water, which is one of the world´s most precious … Continued

Lothar Fuchs

Where others simply see rain as water falling from the sky, Lothar Fuchs sees numerous possibilities. In his position as CEO of the Institute for Technical and Scientific Hydrology, he develops sustainable solutions for rainwater and receiving waters, as well as integrated solutions for the urban water cycle. Currently, Lothar focuses on the topic of … Continued

Rajendra Singh

Rajendra Singh is known as the “Waterman of India” and has won the Stockholm Water Prize, the „Nobel Prize for water”. The non-governmental organisation Tarun Bharat in Rajasthan has been instrumental in providing clean and fresh water to villagers using johad, an ancient rainwater storage method. Rajendra Singh contributed substantially in bringing back water to over 1,000 villages … Continued