Mark Nieuwenhuijsen

Cities are the future; but in order for cities to become healthier places for people to live in, it is necessary to recognize the link between urban and transport planning, and health. As Director of the Urban Planning, Environment and Health Initiative at ISGlobal, Mark Nieuwenhuijsen does not only recognize, but provide scientific evidence for … Continued

Mads Bruun Høy

Mads Bruun Høy is a founding a founding partner and Business Director in the innovation company ÆRA, and the initiator of Floke. He has an extensive experience as a trusted innovation advisor and is a serial entrepreneur within the creative industries, being part of more than 5 start-ups ranging from festivals to consultancies. But above … Continued

Katja Diehl

Katja Diehl is a bestselling author, keynote speaker, panellist, podcaster, blogger, consultant, and future activist with a focus on mobility, new work, and diversity. Following a career as a journalist and press spokesperson, Katja worked for 15 years in senior positions at corporations in the logistics and mobility industry. She now shares her vision for … Continued

Miguel Gaspar

As Deputy Mayor of Lisbon, Miguel Gaspar is responsible for Lisbon´s Municipal police, the Municipal Direction of Mobility, Lisbon’s Municipal Mobility and Parking Company (EMEL) and its Public Transport Company (Carris). Previously, he was the assistant of the Deputy Secretary of State for Environment, where he worked on innovative transport solutions and provided technical support … Continued

Martin Russ

Martin Russ is a city planner by profession and an innovation enthusiastic at heart. Working in the field of mobility solutions for more than 25 years, he is excited to see many of the crazy concepts of the past become a reality today – sharing, micro mobility, data led governance, experimental frameworks and mobility labs … Continued

Maarit Kahila

Maarit Kahila is CEO and co-founder of Maptionnaire, a citizen engagement platform that enables planners to collect local insights and make GIS-backed decisions. Maarit is passionate about making the interaction between residents and experts smoother to create more liveable and lovable cities. Maptionnaire helps cities change their way of interacting with people by making the … Continued

Heinrich Strößenreuther

Heinrich Strößenreuther founded the three NGOs Changing Cities, GermanZero, and KlimaUnion in Berlin, and is – you guessed it – most passionate about local and national climate policy. The success of his achievements is undeniable: ChangingCities has triggered a Germany-wide movement of local referendums on Cycling Bills; GermanZero was inspired by UF19 in Oslo and … Continued

Marcus Willand

Marcus Willand is the Head of Mobility Strategy & Services of MHP, a Porsche company in Ludwigsburg. Marcus helps his clients to anticipate and leverage the evolution of mobility and his focus areas are new mobility-concepts in cities, platform-based mobility-as-a-service as well as the digitalization of transport chains. Prior to that, he held responsibility for … Continued

Gil Penalosa

Gil is the founder and chair of the board of the successful Canadian non-profit organization 8 80 Cities. He is passionate about cities for all people and advises decision makers on how to create vibrant cities and healthy communities for everyone regardless of age, gender and social, economic, or ethnic background. His focus lies on … Continued

Clara Muzzio

Clara Muzzio is Minister of Public Space and Urban Hygiene in Buenos Aires. She believes in the transformative power of public spaces and their relevance to urban life. Clara has been helping in the shaping of her City’s public space for over 10 years, aiming to improve its accessibility, walkability and overall quality with a … Continued