Pepijn Duijvestein

Pepijn Duijvestein is a serial hands-on change-maker, so maybe it’s no surprise that he was described by the New York Times as a “crazy sustainable experiment bunny”. Value-driven with a strong focus on community-based regenerative developments, Pepijn’s passion is creating solutions for climate challenges together with communities and businesses. He is well known for founding … Continued

Anna Nicol

Anna Nicol is the innovator behind building a new Xylitol factory producing healthy sweetener from side stream of oat mill, oat hulls in Lahti. With this circular economy innovation, they reduce food waste and also CO2 emissions by burning the oat hull cake from Xylitol production to bioenergy. Her current focus is to start the … Continued

Livia Urban Swart Haaland

Livia is convinced that in cities, there is a huge potential of creating more nature. Green oases where we can gather, be in contact with nature and experience to work together with all the diversity of life that surrounds us. Therefore, she started the first rooftop farm in Denmark (ØsterGro), the greenhouse restaurant Gro Spiseri, … Continued

Andreas Gugumuck

With his Viennese snail manufactory, Andreas Gugumuck is both a pioneer of sustainable food production and a pioneer of the project “Zukunftshof” (Future Farm), in which a new kind of urban agriculture and food production and processing is tried out with local approaches. The practical cooperation in agricultural and related social and cultural activities within … Continued