Luise Noring

As a business economist, Dr. Luise Noring specializes in urban governance and finance, including socio-economic impact analyses, urban business models and finance mechanisms for implementation of both large-scale urban regeneration and smaller neighborhood interventions. She has several years of experience identifying and implementing models for self-governing and self-financing cities and teaches as an assistant professor … Continued

Mario Raimondi

Mario Raimondi is the Academy director of the Dutch urban change agency Humankind, helping governments and citizens to create cities that are kind to ourselves, others, and the planet. He is also the co-founder of El Desafío Foundation, situated in Rosario, Argentina. El Desafío focuses on youth development and citizen participation through art, urban planning, … Continued

Husam Al Waer

As an urbanist with a background in architecture, urban planning and sustainability, Husam Al Waer focusses on the social impacts of place making and urban design practices. Through his work at the University of Dundee and as an award-winning author, he passionately works on the the future of sustainable places and the development of new … Continued

Luca Ballarini

Luca Ballarini runs Torino Stratosferica, an innovative collective project of city imaging that brings forward visually based narrative and powerful imagery to highlight the potential of the city and leverage its positioning. Luca’s current focus lies on building an international network of creatives, leaders and cultural industry professionals who are managing urban issues and spreading … Continued

Katharina Serafimova

As a social entrepreneur, Katharina Serafimova aims to re-connect urban and rural realities. She believes in food as a collaborative common and a powerful opportunity to re-connect nature and community. After graduating from environmental natural sciences at ETH Zürich in 2004, Katharina entered the corporate world and worked as a consultant and later for an … Continued

Paulo Francisco

Paulo Francisco is the city of Lisbon’s advocate when it comes to getting people involved in urban development. In 2015, he was appointed Head of the Organizational Innovation and Participation Division at Lisbon City Hall and since then, has been responsible for the organisation and annual management of the Participatory Budget cycles, the development and … Continued

Caren Ohrhallinger

Caren Ohrhallinger’s passion is to facilitate spatial change processes. As Partner and Managing Director at nonconform, an architecture and participatory planning bureau, she focuses on developing fine spaces for people to enable a good life – from buildings and public spaces to larger scale infrastructures, both in the country and in the city. Together with … Continued

Jan Edler

In everything he does, Jan Edler is driven by potential, not problems. Under the label realities:united he has been realizing projects between architecture and art for twenty years. One of those projects, the Flussbad Berlin, was once considered as a charming utopia – today it is being made reality as an official urban development project … Continued

Annebeth Muntinga

As a building physicist at ABT, Annebeth is dedicated to creating buildings that are not only comfortable, but also sustainable and further increase the liveability of a city. She is particularly excited about the numerous high-rise projects appearing in different Dutch city centres at the moment, as they bring both, challenges and opportunities for sustainability … Continued

Cristina Matos Silva

As Assistant Professor at Instituto Superior Técnico at the University of Lisbon and researcher at CERIS (Civil Engineering Research and Innovation for Sustainability), green infrastructures and rainwater harvesting systems are Cristina Matos Silva’s main focus of interest. This interest is also reflected in her position as founding member and current Vice President of the Portuguese … Continued