Ricardo Veludo

Ricardo Veludo is a Territory Engineer with immense experience in real estate, urban planning and housing policies. Alongside his academic work, as a professor and researcher, he has coordinated public projects in the municipalities of Lisbon, Almada, Setúbal, Loulé and Sines. As the Deputy Mayor of Lisbon he concentrates on using innovative models of participation … Continued

Gilbert Guaring

Gilbert is an idea peddler and an advocate of responsible and strategic marketing and communications with sustainability at its core. He firmly believes that marketing is one of the reasons why we are experiencing the climate crisis; therefore, it is a problem every marketer needs to fix. Currently, Gilbert is Global Head of Marketing and … Continued

Cayce James

Cayce James leads a coalition to build an innovative and equitable public space network across Seattle that can address the city´s complex challenges of rapid growth, climate change, and environmental injustice. With her team, Cayce identifies key strategies and priorities at the city scale but also tests them at the neighbourhood scale. Through her work, … Continued

Wouter van de Braak

As Director of Commercial Real Estate at the Netherlands’ biggest urban development project ‘Heart of South Rotterdam‘, it is Wouter‘s mission to turn dark and concrete spaces into welcoming, safe and green places where people want to meet, raise their children, start their businesses and simply experience positive emotions. To reach this goal, Wouter does … Continued

Johanna Schäfer

Johanna Schäfer is founder and CEO of BonnLAB which is a city lab for the citizens of Bonn, Germany. BonnLAB is multifunctional – it is a public living room, an office for urban development & participation, a coworking space, a social innovation point, an event location and the headquarter of the NGO PROJECTSbonn. The organizations … Continued

Gil Friend

Gil Friend is a systems ecologist, serial social entrepreneur, and widely considered one of the grandfathers of the sustainable business movement. For five years, Gil served as Chief Sustainability Officer of the city of Palo Alto, California, where he led the development of one of the most aggressive climate action plans of any North American … Continued

Jason Roberts

Jason Roberts is the founder of the Better Block, which began as a guerilla arts project taking blighted city streets and rapidly painting bicycle lanes, installing landscaping, cafe seating, and pop-up businesses. He now works in cities around the world applying Better Blocks to help bring rapid bottom-up revitalization to neighborhoods. It is Jason´s passion … Continued

Andreas Hofer

How do we want to live together in the coming decades? How can we build future-proof homes and buildings? How can cities, villages, and settlements meet the challenges posed by social, technological, and ecological change? These are the questions Andreas Hofer, Director of the International Building Exhibition in the Stuttgart Region (IBA’27) asks himself every … Continued

Robert Beaudry

For almost 20 years, Robert Beaudry has been involved in civic, community and political action – always following the ambition to contribute to the development of a more equal community. This is what pushes him to surpass himself every day and develop a fair, sustainable city on a human scale. As a member of the … Continued

Bernhard Steger

Vienna was chosen the most liveable city in the world for the second year running and as Head of the Department for Urban District Planning and Land Use, Bernhard Steger is more than proud that the work of his department has helped to lay the groundwork for this development. One important aspect when it comes … Continued