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Sarah Anderson believes that we can all influence global systems change by leading where we are. An award-winning visibility expert, social impact strategist and mindful leadership facilitator, she has mentored executives and change-makers globally over more than two decades, to enable future-focused leaders to connect with their purpose then ripple that into global impact. She discovered perfect alignment between her skills and values as a founding leader of Homeward Bound, supporting women leaders in STEMM to lead for the future of the planet, by delivering a visibility program to hundreds of women scientists in Antarctica.

Sarah is now focused on supporting those with the potential to shift systems to build the courage, capability and visibility needed to influence how our future looks – working with progressive CEOs, Nobel Prize winners, vice-presidential nominees and advisors to world leaders like Mary Robinson and Jacinda Ardern. The project she is most excited about is delivering WE Africa, a new movement supporting African women leaders in conservation, as they grapple with protecting our natural ecosystems, while supporting economic growth across Africa.

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