Robert Beaudry
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For almost 20 years, Robert Beaudry has been involved in civic, community and political action – always following the ambition to contribute to the development of a more equal community. This is what pushes him to surpass himself every day and develop a fair, sustainable city on a human scale. As a member of the executive committee of the city of Montreal in charge of housing and green spaces, he is currently contributing to a better mix in neighborhoods thanks to a 12,000 social and affordable housing units strategy.

Robert is fascinated by the social issues that surround housing and tirelessly strives to develop bold and innovative policies, like the “for a mixed metropolis” regulation, which states that any new real estate development of 5 units or less in Montréal has to contribute up to 20% of the project to social, affordable and family housing.

Photocredit © CRE-Montréal / Nilson Zepeda

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