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To amaze our crowd of CityChangers, you will first have to amaze our programme team and convince them that your unique story of change definitely belongs on our stage. Our programme team fully immerses in the topics each conference is covering. They handpick stories that fit both format and session storyline and speak with each and every CityChanger that potentially gets on stage.

What we’re looking for

What we’re looking for are people that are CityChangers with all their heart: passionately and ambitiously driving change on whatever level of the city it may be - top-down, bottom-up, as activists, city officials, start-ups, or any other role you might fill.

For us, it’s not about hierarchies: you don’t need to be the mayor of a city or a top executive, and you don’t need to have impressive titles or awards. What makes it count for us is that you’re convinced, committed, and comfortable on stage.

What we need to know

Convince us by letting us in on your story. Tell us what you want to share with our audience, key messages, and how this is relevant to other CityChangers. Share with us what exactly makes your story so unique, and if applicable - share with us the most important failures and learnings.

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