Legacy project: empowering social entrepreneurs for a future-ready Rotterdam

As we gather in Rotterdam for #UF24, we embark on a journey to amplify the impact of initiatives that are already shaping the city’s landscape. At Urban Future we recognize that positive change in cities is driven by passionate individuals and bold collaborations dedicated to making a difference.

Within this Legacy Project, that was created in collaboration with Rotterdam Partners, we honor the heroes of Rotterdam who tirelessly work towards a future-ready city. Together, we provide actionable know-how, inspiration, networks, resources and skills, empowering these heroes to transform Rotterdam for the better.

Jump on board and let’s change lives in Rotterdam together!


Through 35 field trips, we delve into Rotterdam’s local initiatives, seeking opportunities to bolster their efforts and contribute to a socially cohesive, environmentally sustainable, and future-ready society.

Field Trip Nr. 22 shines a light on three distinct types of social entrepreneurs in Rotterdam, each contributing to the city’s social fabric in unique ways. 

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Rotterdamse Munt

… provides a range of eco-friendly daytime activities, opportunities for green volunteer work, and serves as a Learning Practice Center, specializing in Nature and Environmental Education.
Additionally, they cultivate food to support those in need within our local community.


… collects and redistributes second-hand sports gear, ensuring everyone can engage in physical activity and contribute to a sustainable economy.
“Because sports is more than just an activity; it’s about belonging, feeling fit, and staying healthy. Lack of equipment shouldn’t hinder participation.”

Rotterdamsche Werken

… is dedicated to empowering disadvantaged youth, including those with disabilities like Down syndrome, autism, or low IQ.
“We focus on their abilities, offering diverse activities such as crafting, cooking Rotterdamsche Confituur, and operating a coffee bar. Recognizing the lack of opportunities for post-secondary special education graduates, we provide meaningful daytime activities, ensuring everyone has a chance to contribute and thrive.”


Whether it’s patio furniture, fruit trees, a cargo bike, assistance with website updating, a trailer, sports equipment, or work clothing for volunteers, your support helps create a positive environment and enrich the lives of disadvantaged youth.

Together, let’s build a future-ready Rotterdam, driven by the dreams and initiatives of its people.

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June 5-7, 2024

Rotterdam, Netherlands

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