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Virtual 21


Virtual 21 Postponed – We’re not quite there yet!

Since 2014 we have been creating sensational meeting opportunities for urban change makers.

This year we decided to expand this concept into the virtual world. Planning the largest online event for sustainable cities presented us with some unique challenges.

Our expertise is in live conferences, and it turned out we didn’t get the virtual format quite up to our standards yet. The consequence of being agile and pushing boundaries is that sometimes it just doesn’t work out.

For any inquiries contact elin@urban-future.org

Therefore, we regret to inform you that we will postpone Urban Future Virtual 2021.

This decision allows for iteration to ensure that we excite people with our content and provide changemakers with the best experience and tools possible.

We acknowledge this failure but will continue with our planning. We have given ourselves another year to develop a virtual format that lives up to the high expectations of our community.

We are now in the process of informing everyone involved. The exciting content developed for Virtual 21, will be shared with you soon so stay tuned. Until then – join us in real life in Helsingborg, Sweden in June 2022.

This is for those who
make cities better


Urban shapers from around the world share with you what they have learned the hard way: what mistakes to avoid, what really matters and how to unleash your full change-making potential.


Learn from more than 100 CityChangers how to become an even more impactful shaper of urban sustainability. Whatever your passion, we get you the skills to make the difference.


Never underestimate the power of your dreams. Meet the most amazing shapers who made their dreams happen and changed the lives of millions for the better. Now it will be your turn.

Meet your new coaches


Enjoy your 2-day virtual event, featuring 2 live streams from 3 continents,
filmed in 20+ cities and created by a team of more than 100 experts.


Every project starts with a dream. Learn how to develop a powerful vision, how to create strong stories, how to share it with others and identify key ingredients to make it thrive.


Hear from those who have scaled their impact, who changed career paths, and who have been moving from the fringes of power to its center. Get the survival skills passionate leaders need.


It’s a buzzword, rarely more than a marketing ploy. But it’s also one of the most critical success factors for driving change and mastering challenges. So we take a very close look.


Some of the most amazing female change-makers from around the world will share with us their experiences, their failures and their kick-ass survival skills in a world ran down by men.


Advertising spends trillions in the attempt to change people’s minds. But when was the last time you changed your mind on something significant? Understand what makes people click.


Changing the world is tough, time consuming, frustrating, and sometimes even dangerous. Let’s hear from those who live their vision how they balance life, stay motivated and keep going.

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