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For urban change-makers

Virtual 21

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Sept 30 - Oct 1, 2021

Virtual 21

Skills, inspiration, and personal development for everyone driving sustainable change in cities.

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Meet the world’s most successful urban shapers. They make cities sustainable and impact the lives of millions. Just for you, they will get to the point, share what really matters and how to do it.


You will be amazed at what people can achieve. Hear the inside stories from the most outstanding influencers of change, how they got started, how they struggle, and how they succeed.


You are not alone in this. Feel the incredible power of your community and connect with 1,000s of fellow urban change-makers from around the world, while they openly share their knowhow.

Driving change is a tough job!
It takes a lot of energy, passion, commitment and an almost unlimited supply of persistence. Yes, and time. Unfortunately, that is the problem when it comes to climate change. That’s why for most of you change-makers out there, progress simply happens too slow. You want the needed transitions to happen faster, more efficient, and with much more force. And you want to avoid the mistakes, others have already made in their journey.

Good thing is, you’re not along in this quest!
There are tens of thousands of urban change-makers, just like yourself, who passionately work towards making cities sustainable. They transform energy systems, housing, mobility, the get people involved, help communities, create hope for the most vulnerable, and so much more.
This is their event, and this is where the CityChanger community shares their experiences to help others be better agents for change.

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