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WE HELP YOU TRAVEL BETTER: Save 10% when you travel sustainably and comfortably to Urban Future 22 in Helsingborg, Sweden with SJ Trains.

Here's how to get the 10% discount on all SJ trains to/from Helsingborg

Simply book via the form below:

  1. Enter your travel data
  2. Click “book tickets”
  3. You’ll be taken to SJ’s site and see your travel options
  4. Next to each option, you will see your discount applied

"If we have the courage to act, and politicians need to do that, we can solve all these problems and almost everything about tackling climate change creates new jobs."

Ken Livingstone

Former Mayor of London | UK

"Urban space is limited: let's reduce car dependency to turn our cities into places for life."

Maria Vassilakou

Former Vice Mayor | Vienna

"The power of a strong community can move the world – the UFGC Community is one of those."

Daniel Deparis

Mercedes-Benz, Head of Urban Mobility Solutions

Here's a sneak peek

at the topics for UF22