This is your chance to experience something unique: the field trips will open doors for you, get you inside highly restricted areas, inspire you, make you think outside the box, while the very people in charge of these innovations will be your private guides. Get ready for when ticket holders can reserve their spots in early May.


EARLY BIRDS (6.30 to 8.00)

6.30 to 8.00

Morning Yoga

Start your day with a spectacular session of Morning Yoga. Bring your mat and meet peers as we greet the new day near the beach.

ALL DAY (9.00 to 17.00)

11.00 to 16.00

A very biased tour of Copenhagen

Gearing up for the 2023 UIA World Congress for Architects in Copenhagen, let’s join architecture students from The Royal Danish Academy on a refreshingly open, fun and biased (what else could architecture be!) tour of Copenhagen‘s oldest streets and latest urban developments. The walk’s core question is as old as are cities: who is the city made for? How do we make sure no one is left behind? This is your unique chance to get the insiders’ answers and listen to stories of famous Copenhagen buildings and structures. Ranting welcome!

9.00 to open end

Take a walk on the wild side: Helsingborg in a day

31 is an unusually high number of districts for a city of Helsingborg’s size – so we will look at why some cities go with such fine locality and placemaking, while larger cities like New York can have just 5 districts, or even none! How can we tell we are in one or the other? What is the optimum number, and why? Join ever- ingenious Eugene Quinn on his wild walk across all Urban Future’s hosting city’s districts.

MORNING (8.00 to 14.30)

10.00 to 14.00

Swinging the racket: APCOA Padel tournament

Enjoy Sweden’s new national sport and join a group of fellow sports enthusiasts, fun-lovers and racket swingers for a few hours of Padel fun. Whether you’re a pro, a beginner or somewhere in between: let’s have a serious (and not so serious) tournament with players of all levels at this amazing court, previously a parking lot.

8.30 to 10.30

Circular magic: Recolab’s Three-Pipes Sewer System

Join a guided tour of the “Three-Pipes Sewer System”, which is the world’s first large-scale installation of its kind. Watch how waste is processed to extract those vital resources to be reused, reused, and reused.

10.00 to 12.00

‘Billy’ was yesterday: Visit the future of home according to IKEA

IKEA is the world’s largest furniture retailer. You’ll probably have one of their evergreen pieces at home. At Helsingborg’s Oceanhamnen district, they have refurbed “Magasin 405” into a mind-boggling space that shows the future of life at home. Join us for a sneak peek.

9.00 to 12.30

Expand your sphere of influence: Masterclass with Jennifer Keesmaat

Jennifer is an urban planner, real estate expert, entrepreneur for affordable housing, politician, mum, change-maker and is said to be one of the most powerful and influential women in Canada. In her five years as Toronto’s Chief City Planner, she was celebrated for her forward- thinking and collaborative approach to city-building, inspiring urban leaders around the world. In her workshop you will learn how to expand your sphere of influence and immediately test drive your new skills.

8.30 to 11.30

Living with dementia: Solutions made for physical and mental well-being

SilviaBo is a unique living concept developed for senior citizens with dementia. Let the people behind Sweden’s most modern project of its kind from the Silviahemmet Foundation, IKEA, and BoKlok take you on this behind-the- scenes tour. Visit the show homes, see how they are built, and get a picture of the solutions made for both physical and mental well-being. Experience how design can integrate flexibility to provide for a large variety of different accommodation possibilities to enable secure ageing.

9.00 to 11.00

Sound in the city: How sounds transform how we experience our environment

Did you ever truly pay attention to your city’s soundscape? This field trip, led by the sound experts of Efterklang, will open your eyes (or rather ears) to how the city sounds. Why have we ended up with cities full of noise? Who decides what a city sounds like? What does the law say, and who can influence this – and how? Join us on a walk across Helsingborg while we explore those questions and experience the city’s sound in a new way – finishing with a guided tour of the world’s first playground with a 12-channel surround sound system.

9.00 to 10.30

Strange Lights: Explore Helsingborg‘s street lights experiment worth 25 million Euros

The City of Helsingborg is investing over 25 million Euros to learn how, with the help of sensors, the city‘s street lighting network can collect data that shows how the city is doing.

10.00 to 12.30

Living the circular dream: Visit Helsingborg’s waterfront ‘Oceanhamnen’

Take an exclusive tour around Helsingborg‘s newly developed waterfront, where circularity has been the guiding vision. We get a sneak peek into smart homes and workplaces of the future, marvel at the artificial reef wall, and discover what’s so special about the local sewer system. Why not finish with a daringly delicious lunch made with ingredients grown from processed waste?

8.30 to 12.00

From landfill to green oasis: The Circular Spectacular Tour at Vera Park

Experience Helsingborg’s circular jewel, the Vera Park. It’s Europe’s most modern waste-to-energy plant, where literally nothing goes to waste: everything that comes in should go out. So, if you’re passionate about a circular, sustainable society, this exclusive tour is for you!

9.00 to 13.30

Innovative Housing Concepts

This tour will take you across Helsingborg to experience first-hand how innovative urban life is currently transforming the city. From co-living to temporary and circular housing units, get exclusive access to the latest concepts addressing housing crises in cities.

8.30 to 13.30

Creating the new positive energy district of Brunnshög

Join the team behind one of Sweden’s most talked about new sustainable neighbourhoods on a unique tour. With two world-leading research installations at its core, Brunnshög is where up to 40,000 people will live and work. The new district in Lund features the world’s largest low- temperature district heating system, puts sustainable mobility at its core, features low- or zero-energy buildings and makes excessive use of solar power.

9.00 to 11.00

Make our cities green again

Greening a city is a crucial task to improve quality of life, reduce air pollution, and support biodiversity. But greening a high- density area with mostly sealed surfaces is often challenging and costly. This tour will showcase all of Helsingborg’s innovation in this field: from saving 85% water to greening strategies.

9.00 to 12.00

Woodlife Sweden

With 70% (!) of Sweden covered by forests, the country has an outstanding tradition of building with natural materials, and Helsingborg features some striking examples! Woodlife Sweden’s tour kicks off on Helsingborg’s scenic Parapeten where we meet the architects for an open- air exhibition. They will then take us to key Helsingborg buildings and structures, some older, others still under construction, showcasing the amazing evolution of building sustainably.

10.00 to 12.00

Seeing the city through the eyes of a child will change the way we plan it

This experience is your chance to turn back time and be a child again. Urban planning expert Mustafa Sherif will take you on a journey and let you see the city through the eyes of a child. While lots of children live in cities, very few planners consider them when developing neighbourhoods. Children suffer the most from poor urban planning – so it’s time for us to realise how current planning procedures create dangerous rather than safe areas, polluted rather than clean neighbourhoods, and spaces that prevent kids from moving and being active.

8.00 to 14.30

Visit Copenhagen’s sustainability hot spots of design, architecture, and innovation

Urbanists are all looking at Copenhagen. Some of the most exciting innovations are coming out of Denmark’s capital, which is why we’ve partnered up with some of the key players to visit Bloxhub and other prime sustainability hot spots.

12.15 to 14.30

When I looked for a used cupboard and left with a new job: District revitalisation powered by IKEA

What role can a company known for its furniture play in district revitalisation? Experience the new neighbourhood magnet “DM” – a place where citizens can “do more”. Together with citizens and many other partners, IKEA has been creating this new local destination, urban farm, meeting place, and business centre for sustainable entrepreneurs.

AFTERNOON (14.00 TO 18.00)

14.00 to 17.00

Swimming under palm trees

Blue waters, sandy beaches, and palm trees. You might not expect to find that in Sweden – but let us surprise you. Join our group of brave swimmers as they not only enjoy the beach but also take a dip.

14.00 to 15.00

Experience Helsingborg Port and its self-charging electric vehicles

This tour will take you into the highly restricted area of Helsingborg Port, where you’ll experience the operations of southern Sweden’s largest port, as well as how its unique self-charging electric vehicle system works.


May 31,
18.00 to 20.00

Smaklig måltid: Dine with fellow CityChangers and Helsingborg residents

If you would like to get a sense of place, and the mood in the city of Helsingborg, join us on the eve of the conference for an unusual dialogue encounter with residents. Using a question menu, we will pair you with a local, in a cafe, for a chat and dinner. It is free (apart from the food you consume).

June 1,
14.00 to 15.30

Fixing the City Workshop:
With more Space

These days, space is probably the most contested resource in cities. How to prioritize so diverse functions such as various mobility modes, commercial
& residential buildings, public spaces, greenery, urban logistics, safety, waste & energy management, and so on? Imagine the possibilities if we got additional space. This is no hypothetical exercise – we’re dead serious: Join this workshop to rethink how inner-city parking infrastructure can get repurposed to help cities become more sustainable.

June 1,
14.00 to 15.30

Fixing the City Workshop:
With Data

With up to 100 installed sensors, modern cars, vans and trucks are measuring maniacs. The amount of data that millions of cars alone produce on our cities’ roads every minute is overwhelming. Now imagine that cities have all this data at their fingertip. In this workshop, the most creative and innovative thinkers will come together to imagine how this real-time data on road conditions, signs, pedestrian & cycling traffic, dangerous intersections and much more could help cities become more sustainable and safe.

June 1,
14.00 to 15.30

Successfully implementing Agenda 2030

Three Nordic frontrunner cities share their best tips and tool

June 1,
21.30 to 23.30

Focus on safety: How Helsingborg is dealing with troubled neighbourhoods

Safety and urban regeneration often go hand in hand. Many cities have challenging areas, so we are taking you on a unique experience in the City of Helsingborg, which has been highly successful in addressing social challenges. In this unique walk alongside urban planners, who will showcase examples of crime prevention via environmental design,
we join criminologists, police experts, and local leaders on a tour of challenged neighbourhoods, getting hands-on lessons in community engagement.

June 1,
19.00 to 20.00 and
20.00 to 21.00

Meet the most innovative Wooden Building

The City of Oslo, MAD Architects, and the Oslo Metropolitan Area are showcasing one of the world’s most innovative wooden buildings at the Urban Brilliance Expo. While the exhibition is open all week, this tour gives you the unique opportunity to get the inside scoop from the people behind the project. Meet experts and architects who had been involved in creating what others thought to be impossible.